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im so proud of you lisa!

I’m doing good! lol

Anonymous said:
I just was randomly looking at Youtube and came across Mikky Ekko's new song, Smile, and I kind of like it.

I think I heard it a day or so ago. It’s alright.

Anonymous said:
Was Ariana mad at ET personally ? were they the ones who twisted her words or was it another source?

I think she was just mad about the whole situation in general and her being asked about it again kind of pissed her off a little bit. I’m not sure if ET ran the story tho

Anonymous said:
The attitude Ariana was serving to that interviewer reminded me of Mariah Carey (that wasn't shade was meant in an endearing way) the way she handled it I loved it.

I guess lol

Anonymous said:
omg so how about this Sundays performance ?! like I'm so excited , it's scary. I think Ima cry 😩 I love her

I still haven’t processed it yet :(((

about the 50 shades version of crazy in love, is the official full version out?

Nope. Probably not until way at the end of the yr or early next yr.

Anonymous said:
What songs do you think Bey should not include in the vma set?

Halo and Single Ladies. Though I’d understand if she chose to do the latter bc it’s her most iconic video and she’s receiving the vanguard award so if she’s doing a medley of hits/new songs, it’d make sense. 

You Don't Know Me sounds like something Bey would've sang in the B'Day era. Like the instrumental and the guitars kinda reminds me of that CD.

It does! I was thinking that too

Anonymous said:
Ugh I'm so anxious for Bey's performance on Sunday. I feel like we haven't got a live television performance that truly slayed. Grammy's and Brits were cute, but I feel like this one is going to be epic.

I know what you mean lol. Time to reminds these bitches, Bey.

Anonymous said:
have you a link for the bang bang video/ video preview / anything at all!! haha

I think it’s on Nicki’s twitter